Veiled Secrets review

Lee Blackhorse is part of the Tempt the Cougar group of older woman looking to find younger men to have sex with.  She's forty two and recently divorced, and she doesn't think she really has a shot at tempting a younger man.  Her husband was a gambler considered to be the stud of his Indian tribe, and she lives among his people in the town.  Mike Running Elk has had a crush on Lee since he was a teenager, and has been working for her just as long.  Now he's looking for a way to convince Lee to give him the chance he has always wanted.

Mike shows up at the back door with an injured hand and Lee begins to nurse him.   When she  walks in on him in trying to use the bathroom with only one good hand the ice is broken and the seduction begins.  On the way home from the hospital Mike convinces Lee to give them a chance.  As soon as they get to her home he ends up taking her mouth hungrily.  He just couldn't resist as she leaned over to unbuckle his seat belt.  Their intense sexual desires overwhelm them even before they get to the door.  Lee is about to find out what it's like to be taken by a younger man who has been in love with her since he first set his eyes on her.  What a way to meet the Cougar Challenge!

I was so turned on by Nothing but Sex-The Cougar Challenge Series.  The young Stud of an Indian was enough to make me melt in my chair as I read how he turned Lee on with his shirt removed.  Despite his injured hand he was extremely good in the sex department.  I was even more turned on when Mike rescues Lee from an attacker just in the nick of time.  What a man he turns out to be, and when he and Lee make love it's like an incendiary device going off.  The heat radiated off the pages and Lee had found a man who was more man than she had ever had before.

Mike is the kind of man every woman looks for in her life.  One who not only rescues her, but makes her so hot she melts just looking at him.  This is one book you don't want to miss.  It has everything you could desire and more and it's only a short story.  I have to say I couldn't get enough of Lee and Mike and the only thing better would have been an extended story, but I was definitely in need of a cold drink and a hot man when I finished this story!

Judy King
Author:  Fran Lee
Category: Sophisticate, Older Woman/Younger Man
Ellora's Cave Romantica Publications.
FIVE Silver Dragons

Released: May 2010
Copyright © 2009-2010 All Right Reserved

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