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5.0 out of 5 stars Nothing But Sex, November 4, 2010
This review is from: Nothing But Sex (Kindle Edition)

Mike Running Elk is definitely not a `kid' at thirty, but Lee Blackhorse can't stop from feeling that at forty-two she has no right to be lusting after him. No matter that he looks absolutely sinful in his tight jeans. While she's never thought of herself as a cougar, with a little push from her friends at Tempt the Cougar, Lee opens her mind to the possibility of sex, happiness, and love with a younger man.
When an accident brings Mike to Lee's doorstep, he can't help but notice her lustful glances. Not one to miss a chance, Mike is encouraged by this situation and shows Lee that he's ready to do more for her than work around the barn.

Nothing But Sex is a standalone in the Cougar Challenge Series and was easy to follow without having read any of the previous stories in this series. I immediately started to sympathize with Lee and understood her reluctance to see Mike as anything more than a `kid'. Lee amazed me with her ability to stay strong in the aftermath of all she had gone through. I had sincerely hoped that Mike would be good to and for Lee.

Mike did not disappoint and was a perfect match for Lee, ready to seize the opportunity to show her just why he's more than man enough to handle her needs. Mike is the hero that we all crave, one who is ready to please both body and soul. His love for Lee comes through from the very beginning, and the fact that he waited as long as he did to make a move only goes on to prove that this was more than just a fling for him.

I loved how Mike handled the situation when he found Lee's abusive ex-husband back at her house. Then and there he was ready to fight for Lee and claim her as his. The heat between Mike and Lee definitely sizzles in and out of the bedroom... or kitchen. One thing's for sure, I will never think of brunch and waffles the same way.

Fran Lee does a great job in creating a story with not only hot sex, a hot guy, and a sexy cougar, but with a great plot to boot. I'd recommend Nothing But Sex to anyone who wants to enjoy an erotic and highly romantic Cougar story.

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