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5.0 out of 5 stars A short but very satisfying read, March 18, 2011
This review is from: Nothing But Sex (Kindle Edition)

I loved this story! Besides being written by one of my favorite authors, it has two themes I really enjoy- the Native American hero and the curvy, slightly insecure heroine.
Lee is forty-two, divorced and celibate. She feels a little imperfect (her weight of 150 lbs. and her age), and, when she begins to experience this sexual attraction to her Saturday helper, she doesn't feel confident enough to act on it. Why would this young, sexy man want her? He's 12 years younger, and wouldn't that make her a cougar, a pervert?

Mike is delicious, so darkly handsome with long dark hair and black eyes. He has a tough, work-hardened body and big calloused hands. He may be only thirty but he is very much a man. And he has wanted Lee since he was 18 and first started helping out on her farm/ranch. He wanted her all the time she was married to her jerk husband; he lusted after her, he dreamed about her, and now he finally lets her know about it.

After all the glances, the touches, Mike grabs Lee and lays one on her. That first kiss leads to him kissing her neck and then her breasts, and Lee has an orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. That's what a younger man who is so into you can do for your libido! From there, it just got hotter. Totally hot sex scenes, with my favorite being the kitchen one where they eat and lick food off each other's bodies. So erotic.

I loved the sexual chemistry between Lee and Mike. I could feel how much Mike desired Lee, how much he wanted to be with her. He loved everything about her, but I could also see where Lee's lack of confidence came from- being older and having a cheating ex can make any woman doubt herself. This is a great story with a lot going for it. It's so sexy, hot and sweet. Loved everything about it.

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