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5.0 out of 5 stars Hot Hot Hot!, July 26, 2010
This review is from: Nothing But Sex (Kindle Edition)

We think of dirty old men all the time but rarely do we hear "dirty old lady". Yet that's the way Lee Blackhorse thinks of herself at times. Lee thought she was crazy to have sexual thoughts just from hearing the "kid's" voice. Never mind that the "kid" in question is thirty years old and Lee is but forty-two. I can see why her thoughts run this way, especially when you hire the kid to do yard work and then watch him grow-up for twelve years.

Lee posts her feelings on a blog and gets quite a bit of advice. I love how the Tempt the Cougars URL plays a role in the book. Many of the posts parallel situations in the Cougar Series. Just too good.

Mike Running Elk thought he wasn't a hot stud like Lee's slime ball ex and calls her ma'am all the time. If I ever meet Mike, I would put him straight. Yes, Lee's ex, a Michael Ansara type, might have been considered hot but he is a drunken, washed up, has-been who is now very much over the hill.

The story really gets rolling when Mike injures himself working. O.M.G. I just could not stop chuckling when Lee returned to the bathroom to get Mike to take him to the hospital. That was one great way to get a point across.

The time that Mike and Lee cared for each other and the depth of their love was brilliantly shown in this beautiful romance that showed me there is no such thing as a "dirty old lady", just a wonderful, caring woman.

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