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June 21st, 2010

Nothing But Sex (Cougar Challenge Series) by Fran Lee

Nothing but Sex: Cougar Challenge by Fran Lee
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Erotic, Contemporary Romance
Length: 67 pages

Review Copy Received from Author
Lee Blackhorse is hardly Cougar material, no matter what her friends over at Tempt the Cougar say. A forty-two-year-old woman who lusts after her thirty-year-old weekend helper is just plain nuts. Or is she? Mike Running Elk is the sexiest thing ever to don tight jeans and a second-skin t-shirt. She’s secretly yearned for the man for years.

Mike has no problem seeing himself in the role of Lee’s lover. In fact, if he can just get the hot-as-hell woman to realize he’s plenty old enough to ring her bells, he plans to do more than just clean her barn and mow her grass. He’s waited for her long enough.

When Mike shows up at her door with an injured hand, he notices Lee can’t pull her eyes off his naked, ripped chest. Mike can’t believe she’s as oblivious as she acts. The ice has been broken and he intends to heat things up even more.

Reader Advisory: Our poor heroine endures some mild violence, but don’t worry, the hero’s got her back.

Kathy’s Review:
Nothing But Sex by Fran Lee was quite a bit different from the first of her books that I’d read, but that doesn’t mean anything bad… it just means that I got to enjoy yet another facet of her writing! 

Personally I like Cougar stories – older women, younger men – if it’s good enough for men, then it’s darned-well good enough for women! And there’s something that I find very, very sexy about a younger man falling in love with an older woman; not exactly sure what it is, but it’s rapidly becoming a favorite theme. 

I loved Mike; definitely a man who knew his own mind, I’m glad that he finally took the bull by the horns and acted. If he’d waited for Lee to make the first move, it’d never have happened. She really had a hard time thinking of him other than the teenager / young man he was when she first met him. I don’t know how she could have missed it though! 

Whew… he’s one HAWT fella. 

Lee’s been through the wringer with her ex-husband, but she’s not bitter or self-pitying and she’s aware that she has to take a stand with him. I like that about her; it would’ve been all too easy to give in to the anger and humiliation that he’d heaped upon her throughout their marriage. But it’s obvious, from her thoughts back to the beginning of their relationship that she’s grown and changed. Sometimes it’s the hard things in life that spur us onto growth as a person and Lee is very much one that learned, not only to value herself, but to know when enough was more than enough.

Once again, I really enjoyed the way that Fran Lee works her characters. They’re not one-dimensional, even in a shorter story; she’s able to bring their personalities to the surface. She’s also very good at setting the scene; I could easily envision the surroundings and even what was happening.

I’m definitely looking forward to exploring the other stories in Fran Lee’s Cougar Challenge series. Even with so little interaction between them and Lee I got a feel for each of them. Of course I’ll be holding Ms. Lee wholly responsible for my purchases. If she hadn’t written such an involving tale, I wouldn’t find myself at this precipice. If I were to say anything to the very talented Fran Lee, it’d have to be ‘see what you’re making me do?’ 

Aw, who am I kidding? I LOVE it!! *grin*

Rated 4½ Delightful Divas by Kathy!

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